Keegan Lester

this shouldn't be beautiful but it was and it was all i had so i drew it 




What I imagine of the place you grew up in, that you still don’t call home, from time to time when your voice’s register catches me off guard and I see you more than I hear your man costume

Ghost Note


the topography of petrichor 

brca1 is a human tumor suppressor gene

to all of this which does not just seem

to the tin band that read: keegan matthew lester

you can't tell by looking at the yearbook photo that fireworks were banned

the topography of victoria legrand

a river chipped with stars, night continues on without me

the topography of this place

the topography of what they don’t tell you about this line of work

to héloïse d’argenteuil & peter abélard

to the plains of musashi

i thought i saw you again

the topography of woody allen

the topography of a self-portrait as the other self

the topography of what they don’t teach you in school

the topography of the words used by a man who majored in beer and co-eds before dropping out of the university of iowa, who forgot when those old time words came back from the war, they weren’t all allowed into the same diners or schools or to express their vision and etymology like other words and called it the greatest generation anyway

the topography of

going to the movies

space is place

the topography of theological narcissism

the great vowel shift

genesis story

the topography of our goal: which is to become the work we have in front of us

from football poem

ars poetica

the topography of the new world

the topography of the misplaced

the topography of the l train beneath the east river

from football poem

the price of various handbooks, available in inexpensive editions  


the care and delicacy with which we fold our paper cranes